Louis Folding Stacking Chair

Louis Folding Stacking Chair

LOUIS resin folding and stacking chair

While Chateau chairs are drawn with classical lines, Louis folding and stacking chairs by Drake, shines with simple contemporary design. With their high decorative back towering the tables and their modern rich lines, will stand out and look fabulous whatever the setting. Whether used with additional decorations or simply bare, the Louis will bring high class event sophistication with the ease of handling of a folding chair.
The technology for the “Louis” is the same as our traditional “Structure” folding chair, Co-injection technology with an aesthetic outer skin as well as a solid foam core.
• Super lightweight. 
• Strong and secure. 
• Patented stacking and interlocking system. 
• Ultra bright white color. (Other colors include black, redwood, silver and gold.) 
These chairs will better dominate the table set up due to the 41.5” long design.
Louis chairs are folding, stacking (horizontally and vertically), and come equipped with an interlocking feature that makes moving and storing them quite simple. They are strong, durable, weatherproof, UV protected, don't need painting and require very little maintenance.



do not forget the TABLES!!!
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